Italy v England, the Euro 2020 final: follow live on the day

Автор: | 10.07.2021

LONDON (England) — Everything is ready at Wembley for the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England. At 9 pm the starting whistle that will giveà the start of the challenge between the Azzurri of Mancini and the national team of the Three Lions of Southgate. 60 thousand people expected in the temple of English soccer for a final of pure spectacle: on one side Italy in search of its second European title, on the other the English in their first continental final and in search of a trophy that has been missing since the 1966 World Cup.

Italy v England, the Euro 2020 final: follow live on the day

1 pm.47 — Big screens on the Rome coastline

In Ostia, Fiumicino and Fregene, seaside resorts along the Roman coastline, restaurants, establishments and kiosks have equipped themselves with televisions and maxi screens that, already in the afternoon, will broadcast the finalà in the afternoon, will transmit the final of Wimbledon between Berrettini and Djokovic. Two maxi screens have been set up in the port basin of Fiumicino and in Piazza Santarelli, where access will only be possible wearing masks and keeping a distance of one meter from the otherà access only with masks and keeping a distance of one meter from each other. Controls of the forces of law and order and volunteers are foreseen. A Passoscuro instead will operate the volunteers of Mercy.

Hours 14.05 — From Mattarella to Beckham, many VIPs in the stands

Many famous people have been announced on the stands of Wembley for the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England: there will be the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the actor Tom Cruise, the former captain of the English national team David Beckham and the entrepreneur John Elkann.

1pm.30 — Fireworks to wake up the Azzurri

Fireworks were exploded last night outside the Tottenham sports center, where Roberto Mancini’s Italian national team is staying ahead of the Euro 2020 finals. A few players woke up è woke up, but the episode did not disturb the Azzurri’s night any moreù much.

Italy v England, the Euro 2020 final: follow live on the day

1 PM.01 — There will be 6.619 Azzurri fans at Wembley

Uefa, based on the information provided by users at the online ticketing portal, informs that the Wembley final will be attended by 6.619 fans from Italy and 58.000 supporters of England. The capacity of the stadium è fixed at 67.500 seats.

12 o’clock.20 — Mass with European in Jesi, the cityà of Mancini

«I recommend that we do our prayers for the most serious thingsù serious things, but if the good Lord sends us luck tonight we’ll have fun». Don Federico Rango, vice parish priest of San Sebastiano di Jesi, the cityà of Roberto Mancini, concludedì the Holy Mass this morning, referring to the final between Italy and England. «I also recommended to the faithful — the priest smilingly explained to Ansa — to say few bad words in case of a goal by the English.». San Sebastiano è the parish where Mancini beganò play soccer. «Tonight — explained don Rango — we will set up a big screen to follow the match, we expect about 200 people».

Italy v England, the Euro 2020 final: follow live on the day

11 o’clock.42 — Ceferin: «I hope a final that will remain in the annals»

«From Cristiano Ronaldo’s records in the group stage to the twists and turns of the knockout phase, Euro 2020 has entertained and enchanted all fans from start to finish». Now è the moment of truth has arrivedà for the two teams who will play this highly anticipated challenge in London’s iconic Wembley Stadium. I join the fans around the world hoping to see a match that will remainà in the annals. Soì Uefa president, Aleksander Ceferin, in a statement on the official website just hours after the Italy-England final. «Euro 2020 enchanted us for four weeks, as Europe’s best players competed on a privileged international stage — Ceferin continued -. We have alreadyà We have so many moments to remember and the fans were enthralled throughout the tournament. We properly celebrated 60 years of Europe’s most prestigious national football competitionù football competition in Europe. The European Championship has shown the importance of soccer, which can unite and make proud an entire country. Now we are ready to conclude a fascinating month, in which everyone has seen the best that European soccer for national teams has to offer. Good luck to the two finalists», concludes Ceferin.

11 am.40 — No to big screens in the Barese area

Have been canceled late last night even the last two events of the square initially planned in the province of Bari for the final of the European Football Championships that will disputerà this evening in London between Italy and England. The only two mayors, of Casamassima and Triggiano, who had maintained until the end the decision to set up big screens in public places to see the match, have backed off after a note transmitted by the Prefecture. «We had foreseen — explains Antonio Donatelli from Triggiano — the setting up for the projection on a big screen of the final match of our Azzurri in the garden of a school, in full respect of the anti-Covid regulations, with restricted entrances, temperature measurement and spaced seating. After the last few years we would never have put the safety of all of us at risk, also becauseé access to this area would be controlled by the appropriate bodies. Unfortunately è arrived a note of the Prefecture that invites all the communes not to project the match on maxi-screen. Soì, in agreement with all the other municipalities of the Province, we had to cancel the planned screening. I am very sorry — concludes Donatelli — but I am also certain that we will be able to cheer on the Azzurri with a smile on our faces in our homes, as if we were just a meter away. Even the mayor of Casamassima, Giuseppe Nitti, announced in the evening that, following the note of the Prefecture that «does not recommend the installation of giant screens, it was decided to cancel the event è decided to cancel the event».

11 o’clock.39 — Google dedicates a doodle to Italy-England

Google pays homage to the European Football Championship final, dedicating today the ‘doodle’ of its homepage to the Wembley final between Italy and England. The stylized drawing shows a symbolic green field dominated by the two flags, which take the place of the two ‘o’s of the search engine. All around is a landscape in yellow with stylized houses, castles and bell towers that suggest the iconic buildings of the two countries.

Italy v England, the Euro 2020 final: follow live on the day

11 o’clock.01 — Over 200 fans at Fiumicino: «Italy wins»

«Tonight we will obviously win!»Viva l’Italia, however it goes, we’ve reached the final; we’re one of the strongest soccer teams in the world»ù football team in the world». This morning Fiumicino airport was tinged blue è tinto» of blue: over two hundred fans, coming from various cities of central and southernà of central and southern Italy were happily singing these phrases, about to leave for London to attend the Italy-England final at Wembley Stadium. With banners dedicated to Italy, blue shirts, hats, flags and wigs, all strictly tricolour, the fans, including several groups from Frosinone, Naples, Barletta and even Sicily, boarded the Alitalia flight, which for the occasion made available a larger Airbus A330, bound for Londonatwickù Airbus A330 to London Gatwick. Together with them in departure also a group of assistants for the fans, in fluorescent yellow t-shirt with above the flashy writing «Final 11-07-21». Other departures of the same number of fans are also planned from Milan airport, again with another dedicated Alitalia plane.

10 o’clock.54 — Mancini, the message from his Jesi: «Crown your dream»

«We are all with Roberto and obviously with Italy. Mancini knows that his cityà è always by his side and we hope that tonight he fulfills a dream, but however it goes it will beà It was something exceptional». To tell ANSA è the mayor of Jesi, Massimo Bacci, the cityà the city that gave birth to the coach of the National team that will play the European Championship tonight in the final against England. «The wait for the match — he adds — we are living it as we live the great sporting events and sport for Jesi è always been the heritage of the cityà, we are used to great appointments thanks to great athletes born here». Bacci recalls that tonight will beà Bacci recalls that tonight will be installed a big screen in the area of the sports hall «and others will be installed with private initiatives, on all remember — underlines the mayor — that of the parish of San Sebastiano where Mancini began to play soccer». Finally an appeal to the prudence in key anti Covid: «The virus — says Bacci — not è still been eradicated and therefore I invite all citizens to respect the rules before, during and after the game, we must all be responsible.».

Italy v England, the Euro 2020 final: follow live on the day

10 o’clock.03 — Giant screens banned in Palermo

For tonight’s final of the European Championships between Italy and England, the police have strengthened control services in Palermo, with greater attention to three areas of the city: the movida of the city center, the nightlife of the city and the city of PalermoàThe area between the Politeama and the Teatro Massimo and the area of Valdesi and Mondello. The contagions from Covid are returned to grow and the mayor Leoluca Orlando, with an ordinance, has forbidden the maxi screens in order to avoid assemblages and celebrations without limits, già seen after the victory with Spain on Tuesdayì, when hundreds of fans poured into the streets of the center. To the reunion of the Committee for the order and the safety è was also established a plan involving police, carabinieri, financial police and municipal police. From the police headquarters they know that there will be controls in Piazza Sant’Anna, Caracciolo and Magione and in moreù there will be agents of the mobile department in Piazza Castelnuovo and Piazza Verdi to prevent the understandable enthusiasm of the people can lead to situations of gathering dangerous to public health. The mayor Leoluca Orlando has once again recalled to the prudence: «With the forces of the order we are ready to interventions but obviously any ordinance risks to be useless if not c ‘è sense of responsibilityà by the citizenship: take care of your health».

10 o’clock.00 — Boris Johnson: «Bring the Cup home»

«Good luck tonight, è It’s been an incredible journey,» now «let’s hope we can bring home» the cup. Boris Johnson relaunches with a video via Twitter his encouragement to England a few hours before the Euro2020 final with Italy at Wembley. «Good luck to England — he says addressing Gareth Southgate’s boys -. It’s been an incredible journey so far, but we all hope you can make a better one and bring it home tonight.». The video è accompanied by the music of Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond’s ’69 hit that has become the unofficial anthem of the Three Lions for years, as well as the slogan «Football’s coming home»é the slogan «Football’s coming home!'». In the meantime, the Tory prime minister has also changed the image of his Twitter profile, showing himself in a photo with his thumbs turned upwards on a large English flag (with the red cross of St. George on a white field) laid out like a carpet in the courtyard of Downing Street; and then, in a frame, wearing the shirt of the Whites worn at Wembley on the occasion of the semifinal against Denmark, marked by the number 10 and the writing Boris on the shoulders. In the film Johnson it is proposed therefore in an image of yesterday, while it holds between the hands a banner più small of England (with the written England to the center) in front of the famous small door to the number 10. The exhibition of the symbols of one of the four nations of the United Kingdom (even if by far the moreù populous, with about 90% of the inhabitants of the island) has earned him some è earned him some criticism and some irony in the last days. In particular from Scotland. Più of one recalled how he is head of government for the entire Kingdom (whose collective banner è the IUnion Jack). Although — it must be said — the British national soccer teams are historically separate and each proud of its flag; while the government of London è at the same time the government of England, which unlike the country’s three smaller nations (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) does not have its own local executive with the powers of devolution.